Aznom Palladium review: limited-edition luxury limo made for the UAE

A Dh4 million Italian-made, hyper-luxury SUV made its global public debut in Dubai in April, with the company also confirming its first sale to a UAE businessman.

Aznom chief executive Marcello Meregalli, who was inspired after seeing the purpose-built, armoured limousine that carries the US president during a visit to New York, decided to build his interpretation of the presidential Cadillac and make it available to buy, with his eye on the Middle East as the target market.

“We chose the UAE to reveal the Palladium because of the dimensions and for the utilisation of the car. I think this is the best region for such a vehicle. It will be limited to a maximum of 10, [hence] the focus on the GCC,” says Mr Meregalli.

Chief designer Matteo Bertinelli says the Middle East was his guiding influence from the beginning.

“When we started to design the Palladium, the focus was Abu Dhabi and Dubai as they’re the right places for the dimension and also for the approach people here have to this style of car. This region understands this car … here is its natural habitat.”

Using the flagship RAM 1500 Limited as the base, Aznom replaced the 5.7-litre V8 with a modified version of RAM’s performance engine from the TRX, which has a pair of turbochargers and is beefed up to 6.4 litres.

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