YAS Limo Gains Recognition in the UAE with Their Exceptional Chauffeur Services and Luxurious Car Fleet

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, The UAE thrives on tourism, and so hiring rental limos is a norm for tourists visiting the region. Finding a trusting chauffeur service that provides luxury cars for that lasting impression is challenging, especially for a family that’s new to Abu Dhabi or even residents planning a wedding.

Limo services are only for the rich is one of the common misconceptions, and YAS Limo is committed to breaking this stereotype with its luxurious private limo service. The company aspires to emerge as a limo rental and chauffeur service that makes the living experience in Abu Dhabi memorable for people. Finding cheaper modes of transport, when traveling in groups or couples, is a hassle. YAS Limo aims to bridge the gap between luxury chauffeur services and convenience so that people can plan their trips and events without worrying about transport.

YAS Limo has gained recognition in the UAE because of its highly exceptional and convenient services. It has empowered people to plan their events on their own time and according to their affordability. Such features and prestige has earned the company respect among customers and competitors alike.

People hesitate to rent limo services because of the widely-held belief that these chauffeur services use old limousines. Unlike other vehicles, limos are believed to be used on special occasions only, but the company aims to inspire people to be in style every day with their versatile and family-friendly limos.

One of the company representatives said, “People tend to believe that renting a transport could either be affordable or stylist. They are forced to make compromises. At YAS Limo, we believe in breaking stereotypes by providing the newest luxury limos that they can use daily to travel to their offices or for family trips. We believe in greeting our customers with our finest limos and exceptional chauffeur services.”

YAS Limo has a team of exceptionally trained chauffeurs who ensure that each customer receives a dedicated service. Their chauffeur services are available for wedding parties, corporate events, airport travel, and much more.

About YAS Limo
YAS Limo is a luxury limo service in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offering affordable limo rental services. The company has the finest fleet of limos for any special event or daily trip. The vehicles are fine-tuned and equipped with advanced communications and amenities.

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Phone: 026669991, 0565033055
Fax: 026652662
Email: info@yaslimo.ae

YAS Limo Introduces Timely, At-the-Door Limousine Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, With traffic jams being a constant occurrence in the Abu Dhabi, UAE, car rides can be highly stressful and frustrating. Unfortunately, many car ride services in the region are not punctual, resulting in missed appointments, delayed flights, and inconvenience.

Based on a client-first philosophy, YAS Limo is an emerging luxury limo and chauffeur company in Abu Dhabi, UAE that is proud to introduce timely and smooth luxury transportation services to its clients. The company takes pride in being ultra-modern and is committed to providing a punctual, 24×7 luxury limo service, streamlined to cut down last-minute delays and hassles for travelers. Their staff go the extra mile to provide their clients with an unparalleled car ride experience. Their cars are equipped with the latest technology and features to ensure their clients have a memorable, stress-free ride, whether alone or with someone.

A representative of the company said: “Punctuality, quality, and trust are some of the integral values of our company. We’re not just another pick-and-drop transportation company; we’re a luxury chauffeur company dedicated to providing a personalized car ride experience to clients that won’t get from regular car services. Time is a luxury when you’re in a place like the UAE. At Yas Limo, we understand this, and that’s why we’ve trained chauffeurs to be punctual and professional.”

The company has introduced a fleet of classy luxury limos customized to meet residents’ and tourists’ different needs. Their limo services can be availed round-the-clock for airports travels, wedding and parties, nights out, corporate events, sporting events, family tours, romantic rides, sightseeing, anniversaries, dinner dates, shopping, theater trips and more.

About YAS Limo
YAS Limo is a luxury limo and chauffeur company in Abu Dhabi, UAE, that takes pride in its affordable and timely services. The company has a fleet of limos to suit their clients’ specific needs. Those interested in availing their services can learn more about the company through the contact details below.

Contact Details
Phone: 026669991, 0565033055
Email: info@yaslimo.ae

YAS Limo
Aftab Khawaja
+971 56 402 7111

Limousine and e-hail sectors record 85% growth rate in 1st half of 2022

Limousine and e-hail sectors in Dubai have shown 85% growth rates in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. As Limousine and e-hailing vehicles have made 6.3 million journeys in the first six months of 2022 compared to 3.4 million journeys made in the same period last year. Equally, the number of vehicles used to run this service has grown steadily from 6059 vehicles in the first half of 2021 to 6100 vehicles in the same period this year.

“The limousine and e-hail sectors in Dubai have shown significant growth in the first half of this year, which is an important indicator of the growing demand for this private transport sector. The sharp growth was assisted by using sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence, channelling orders through smart apps, and forging partnerships with leading companies in the industry,” said Adel Shakeri, Director of Planning and Business Development, Public Transport Agency, RTA.

“RTA attaches paramount importance to the role of the limousine sector in supporting tourism in Dubai. It offers top-class services to tourists, visitors and business leaders descending on Dubai from all over the world to benefit from the business and investment opportunities in exhibitions and activities hosted by the emirate,” added Shakeri.

It is noteworthy that commuting in limousines saves a lot of time, especially for attending events at specific times. The limo operators are very strict on the timing and oblige clients to do so considering the importance of time companies and clients alike.

Gitex Global: Driverless Dubai taxis will be cheaper than limousine services

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai on Monday said the new driverless taxi that will be operational in the emirate by the end of next year will be priced more economical than any other limousine service.

The announcement came on the sidelines of the Gitex Global show in Dubai.

RTA, which has tied up with Cruise to build UAE’s first driverless taxi on the Chevrolet Bolt electric platform, will be commercially in service by ending 2023. “Currently it is in the testing phase,” said Khalid Al Awadhi, director of Transportation Systems, Public Transport Authority, RTA.

“We have recently completed an initial phase of preparing digital maps of Jumeirah area for the Cruise’s self-driving vehicles,” added Awadhi.

“By 2023 Dubai will commercially operate the Cruise self-driving vehicles. Prices for the driverless taxi will be more economical than the limousine services in Dubai. By 2030, there will be 4,000 vehicles in service,” he added.

Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

Dubai has got everything a fascinating Dubai marina, the elite and exquisite infrastructure, the iconic Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah; all these things make it a holistic scene for traveling and having fun. Sailing across the water with delicious food and drink is no less than a blessing. Buying a yacht might be too expensive for you, but what can be more satisfying than getting a fantastic yacht for rent in Dubai.

Yas Limo offers you a variety of yacht sizes and looks to make every event close and remarkable. We have a vast collection of yachtsYou can book anything up to your budget and convenience to get an event according to your plans.

Our highly qualified and experienced onboard crew is committed to delivering professional, personal, and quality services based on the client’s requirements.

We know the worth of your money and try to provide more and more services within the budget. We offer to combine great boats with amenities like ice, gas and soft drinks.

If you want a fantastic yachting experience with security, professionalism, and unparalleled luxury, don’t delay any further and confirm your yacht at Yas Limo!

RTA Adds One Year To Operating Life Of Limousines In Dubai

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has added one year to the prescribed operating life of registered limousines that are due for replacement in 2022-2024. The step is aimed at supporting companies operating in this sector, which were affected by Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the RTA announced on Wednesday.

According to RTA, there are four categories of vehicles that will benefit from the decision to increase the operating life of limousines for an additional year, namely: regular limousines, luxury cars, 7-seater family cars and long wheelbase limousines.

Here’s Why The Rolls-Royce Ghost Is Like A Limo For Driving Enthusiasts

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a luxury sedan with an opulent interior that could rival any limousine, and its 6.75-liter V12 makes it a real powerhouse.

People know Rolls-Royce as an automaker that provides luxury on wheels. As such, it makes sense that one of its most popular rides is reminiscent of a limo, which is perfect for driving enthusiasts searching for a large vehicle. The car in question is the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Rolls-Royce unveiled the Ghost at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. It went on sale in September of the same year. Since then, the car has gained a solid reputation among buyers and car enthusiasts.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a sedan with many of the makings of an ultra-luxurious limousine. Not only is it extremely spacious and offers more privacy than your average car, but it has the exterior styling to match. The Ghost from Roll-Royce may not be for everyone due to its size, but it’s a car that features the best the luxury automobile market has to offer. It’s truly a grand car, but at the same time, it’s perfect for driving enthusiasts because of the super comfortable experience it provides.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a modern car that reminds us of the classics. Not only because of the way it looks on the outside, but also due to its exclusive nature. The Ghost is a vehicle that defines upscale while also reinventing the word.

Aznom Palladium review: limited-edition luxury limo made for the UAE

A Dh4 million Italian-made, hyper-luxury SUV made its global public debut in Dubai in April, with the company also confirming its first sale to a UAE businessman.
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